Tanzania Safari

  • Elephants in Tarangire on an African safari
    Tarangire - one of the best places in the world to see elephants

Safari Tours Tanzania (STT) has developed an unique programme of tours that transposes our love of adventure and our unique perspective on the outdoors, into the incomparable domain of some of the most dramatic and adventurous safari venues in the world; the national parks and conserved areas of northern Tanzania, and the renowned wildlife regions of Kenya.

Our Tanzania safari clients are invited to choose from an array of unique and unforgettable tours that include Africa’s best safari parks:

  • watching lions hunt over the endless plains of the Serengeti through which the famous wildebeest migration passes into Kenya’s Masai Mara;
  • sighting the rare Black Rhino in the ‘Lost World’ of the Ngorongoro Crater floor;
  • experiencing the thrill of a close encounter with the giraffe and elephants of Lake Manyara and Tarangire;
  • hunting with the Hadzabe, the authentic Bushmen of Lake Eyasi who still rely on these ancient techniques to subsist;
  • spending time with the families of Maasai tribes people and learning about their fascinating culture in remote villages that very few visit.

Recent Photographs from STT Safaris

  • STT safari vehicle

Planning the Best Safaris in Tanzania

We are sensitive to the fact that there’s a great deal to take in and research when planning a Tanzania safari holiday, and visitors will probably be concerned that in opting to visit a handful of parks or areas that they like the sound of or have heard or read good things about, they should not be missing out on other areas that a better-informed planner would be sure to include. With this in mind our coordinators are always delighted to engage in ongoing dialogue with prospective safari-goers, to the end that we can build up an accurate picture of what the group is likely to be interested to see. And since our safaris are run on private basis (except where you request that we invite others to join your booking to reduce your costs), we are able to communicate the specifics of your wishes directly to our drivers who will aim to ensure the necessary bias towards those elements of a safari that are of most interest to you. For example, some visitors will be interested principally in birds, while others have little or no avian interests and are determined to try to find all members of the Big 5; equally, others may already have been to other places on a safari holiday – such as Namibia or the Kruger Park – and now have a specific interest in Tanzania, so as to witness the migration. In all cases, we warmly invite you to discuss your hopes and interests with us, and we will aim to ensure that we plan as specifically as is necessary to ensure that you have the best possible chance of seeing what will give you greatest satisfaction.

Total Transparency

When deciding whether or not to book with a given safari operator, it is expected that the customer may be somewhat apprehensive when the time comes to make a commitment. This is because it is obvious that pretty much all safari operators nowadays subcontract the job of building and maintaining their website to a third party whose job it is to ensure that everything sounds and looks as good as possible. A savvy client therefore, will not be adequately reassured on the basis of an impressive website, that they may indeed expect to encounter in person on the ground, standards and values that they feel were communicated to them via the website through which they booked.

With Safari Tours Tanzania, we are loathe to sell any safaris on the basis of misconception or disparity with respect to what we actually offer, versus what is assumed to be on offer. Before you book with us, therefore, we would warmly invite you to get an inside view on what goes on on our safaris, by using the feature that we make available to friends and family of clients who are on safari with us and want to know how they are getting on.

Please, therefore, take a look at our live safari updates feature.

Private Safari Tours in Tanzania

The majority of STT’s safari packages are operated on a private safari basis where say, a couple, a close group of friends, or families will prefer to travel independently of anyone they do not already know. Since our tours are priced per person on a sliding scale that reduces as the number of subscribers increases, readers should be aware that the quoted prices are essentially all to be understood as being per person for passengers in a private 4 x 4.

Open Group Safaris

Occasionally, we are approached by solo travellers or two friends that are willing to forge new friendships and travel with people they do not already know, in the interests of having a more varied experience and in reducing costs. Those keen to join a group or try to form one of their own, are invited to advertise their intentions on Team Kilimanjaro’s Facebook site.

Classic Game Viewing

The traditional objective of safari tours is game viewing, and while we are certainly seeing a clear increase in the number of visitors who want to get out of their vehicles and have some direct and active interaction with their environment and the indigenous culture, still, the majority on safari probably expect wildlife viewing to constitute the main element of their trip. With such a goal in mind, Tanzania is probably second to none throughout the world, with a reliable population of lions throughout the Serengeti, and very accessibly, in the Ngorongoro Crater; relatively vast numbers of elephant in Tarangire, which – especially in the dry season when they are attracted to the main waterways – are much easier to find than in most other wildlife areas; and, in short, one of the densest and most accessible populations of large animals to be found anywhere on earth.

Active & Cultural Adventures

For those who enjoy game viewing and want to see the Big Five but who prefer not to remain in vehicles and choose to interact directly with the African environment and it’s inhabitants, we offer a series of thoroughly enjoyable and varied itineraries that – while of course featuring the more standard wildlife viewing areas – also incorporate the road less-travelled with elements such as living amongst the Bushmen of Lake Eyasi and being taught the authentic survival skills on which the tiny Hadzabe Tribe have depended for thousands of years; or challenging oneself with a dawn ascent of the sacred mountain of the Maasai people whose traditional bomas we visit and into whose fascinating lives we offer an insight. Whatever your preferences for a safari in Tanzania or Kenya, our coordinators will be delighted to get you started on your planning phase.

The Best Places to Travel in Tanzania

While not strictly fitting the usual description of ‘a safari’, although the word simply means ‘journey’ in Swahili, many considering a visit to Tanzania would likely be very disappointed in retrospect, not to have tried to feature the following items on their Tanzanian holiday!

We work very closely with Team Kilimanjaro, the best tour operator on Kilimanjaro. Guests wanting to go on safari and climb Kilimanjaro are eligible for certain discounts if taking advantage of our close working relationship with TK and booking both events together, so please mention the fact that you are considering a safari with us should you choose to get in touch with TK. Similarly, if you’re planning to book a safari with us and are also considering climbing Kilimanjaro, please let us know so that we can ensure a seamless transition between the phases of your holiday, as well as helping you to benefit from the combined booking discount.

Whether you’ve climbed Kilimanjaro before your safari, or are just wanting to wind down after the dust of the safari circuit, a great many safari-goers choose to go to Zanzibar afterwards, or – what’s a more recent trend – to the east coast of Tanzania, where there are fewer crowds and a more private, customised feel is possible. If you’re interested in spending time on some of the world’s best beaches we warmly encourage you to peruse the site of our partners, Zanzibar Island Hotels. They can arrange bookings at all Zanzibar Hotels, as well as diving, excursions and transfers anywhere on the island.