Booking Form

Below is a comprehensive booking form that includes three elements, Kilimanjaro, Safari and Zanzibar. If you do not intend to climb Kilimanjaro or to travel to Zanzibar or the East Coast, please simply ignore the pages that do not apply to you. Additionally, at this point in the planning process there may be many answers that you do not yet know. This is fine; the form is designed to be for your convenience in terms of providing a framework within which to plan the various aspects of your trip. Any information that you are not able to provide at this point will be sought by your coordinator in due course, through email correspondence.

If you are only going on safari and are not climbing or visiting Zanzibar, please just complete pages 1, 2 and 4, and then submit the form using the button at the bottom of page 5.

  • Principal Correspondent

    This is the person that will be responsible for emails to STT to discuss trip preparations.
  • Details of Your Next of Kin

  • This is the someone that we can contact who will be available on phone and email while you are in Africa. This should not be someone accompanying you on your trip.
  • Booking Details

  • This is where you expect to start your journey from prior to flying out to us; normally your main home location.