How to Book Your Safari

There are two ways to book your safari with us, that is, either by using the booking form of by beginning more protracted email correspondence. While we strongly encourage as much communication as possible by email, we nonetheless recommend that you complete as much of the booking form as you are able at this point, as it provides a useful framework for planning nearly all aspects of your trip.

To us the booking form, please click here >>>

Booking by Email

If you do not wish to use the booking form, please simply email us at and give us a rough idea of:

 how many of you will be booking,

 when you’re planning to come,

 whether you want a game-viewing only safari or would like to add some adventurous components,

 whether you want to stay in lightweight tents, semi-luxury, luxury, or exclusive grade accommodation,

 anything else you’d like us to consider and make special provision for.

We’ll then get back to you with suggestions on how best to customise an itinerary that matches your expectations and suits the interests of your group.