Flying to Kenya

If your destination is Tanzania and you choose to fly to Nairobi rather than direct to Kilimanjaro Airport, then you’ll need to get a local flight from Nairobi to JRO, or else will need to take the Riverside Shuttle bus, or similar service, from Nairobi to Arusha. If you remain at the airport in Nairobi for your connecting flight and so do not need to clear through Immigration, it is not necessary to have a Kenyan visa simply to make use of their airport, but if quitting the airport for any length of time, either to catch a later onward flight, or else to travel through to Tanzania by road, you’ll require a Kenyan tourist visa.

The Kenyan tourist visa can be purchased at the airport when you land at Nairobi Airport. A tourist visa for travelling to Kenya from Tanzania – if opting to fly out from Nairobi – can be purchased at the Namanga border which you are required to cross, however if you entered Tanzania from Kenya on your way to Arusha then your original Kenyan visa will probably still be valid as nowadays Kenyan tourist visas are issued on multiple-entry basis.

Flying to Tanzania

If flying direct to Tanzania however, although it is almost always possible to buy a tourist visa on arrival at the airport, the Tanzanian High Commission nonetheless advises visitors to apply for this before entering the country, as they are entitled to decline visa applications on arrival.

Further information on obtaining visas is available on our climbers’ site.