What to Expect

Staff of Safari Tours | Tanzania’s safari wing are drawn from amongst the most talented guides and cooks of Arusha and the local experts in villages nestled throughout the various game areas of northern Tanzania.

Our safari teams and local staff – adventurous safaris and cultural exposure

Our staffing and organisational methods are somewhat unique in that we have transferred some of the techniques and procedures required on wilderness expeditions, into a field that is more usually associated with vehicle dependency. This synchronicity of both standard and enhanced safari protocols affords provision of a much more diverse range of experiences than merely the classic game viewing activities of the traditional safari. While we do indeed offer – and strongly recommend – game viewing in the classic northern circuit national parks, our safaris will typically involve an additional element that allows the adventurer to interact directly with the environment or its native peoples, rather than being seat-bound for the duration of the trip.

Broad range of safari experiences; off-the-beaten-track options

Whether the adventurer wants to challenge themselves with an arduous volcano climb or a hunting run with the Hadzabe Bushmen, or prefers a more sedate exposure to local culture, visiting a traditional Maasai village or spending time with the Hadzabe women learning how to forage for medicines and obtain water from digging into roots, or simply enjoy game viewing for the duration of the safari; there’s something for all tastes.