How to Use this Website

This site was designed to replace a rather boring table format that we felt was difficult to browse. Notwithstanding, we appreciate that a new format may initially be confusing to those who are accustomed to using the old. With this in mind, we hope that the following pointers will contribute towards a more satisfactory user experience.

1. Please note variables drop down menus at the right hand side of the screen are of an either / or nature. That is to say that it is not possible to browse for safaris using multiple variables simultaneously. Therefore, prospective safari-goers should please browse by selecting either the length of the intended safari in days, one of the national parks that must definitely feature in your plans, the grade of accommodation that you have in mind, or else the budget bracket within which you would like to search.

Safari Prices

2. Index prices given on the thumbnail summaries are prices for safaris that occur in the high season where the traveller is one of a party of four persons booking and going on safari together. More detailed prices that depend on the exact group size are available on the ‘View Details’ page that is linked to from the main index page, and refer to a safari that incorporates the specified accommodation on sample dates where the quoted safari begins on 1st July. A safari in July generally falls into most lodges’ designation of ‘peak season’. Quotation requests for months that are likely to be less popular than July will therefore likely elicit a lower cost per person than the standard costs detailed.

3. Prices that are detailed are exact according to group size, season and the choice of lodge that featured on the standard itinerary  accommodation options associated with the overview provided. That is to say that, where the accommodation is not specified in the itinerary:

  • Semi-luxury usually refers to either Hotels and Lodges’ accommodation, or Moivaro’s tented camps
  • Luxury accommodation usually refers to Sopa Lodges and Serena
  • Exclusive accommodation ordinarily indicates Elewana or Asilia

Early Deposit Payments are Recommended to Secure Sought-After Safari Lodges

Where accommodation is specified in the itinerary, please note that this does not infer that STT assumes that we will be able to secure accommodation with these lodges; simply that these are the standard choice of lodges for the corresponding itinerary. Where travellers book several months in advance, we are of course hopeful of securing the accommodation detailed in the itinerary. Where there is not availability on the dates of your proposed safari at the lodges that we ordinarily book, please note that we will aim to find as close a grade of accommodation as possible, subject to availability on the day that we receive your deposit from you.

Please further note that most lodges are unwilling to confirm a tentative booking or request for accommodation until we have paid them a deposit to secure this accommodation. This therefore means that we may sometimes quote a safari itinerary on the basis of accommodation that we have determined is available on the date of your booking enquiry, however, by the time that you are able to transfer your deposit, the lodge that previously advised that they had availability may by this time have received confirmed bookings with accompanying deposit payments from other guests and may no longer be able to honour our booking. With respect to such contingencies we can only advise that safari-goers please aim to pay their deposits with as little delay as possible.

However, once in discussion with your coordinator, they will of course generate an exact price for you that is based on your exact travel dates, the precise choice of lodging that is available on enquiry by us to the range of suppliers located along your chosen itinerary,  and your group size – along with any special requirements.

4. If your search for a suitable itinerary elicits No search results this is probably because we are yet to upload details of the required itinerary options and are probably intending to do so imminently. In this event, please contact a coordinator and they will create a customized itinerary tuses incorporates your chosen accommodation (assuming availability) and features your preferred safari venues; as soon as possible.

We intend for the format to be as attractive and user- friendly as possible and are therefore grateful to have any suggestions as to how better we might present the available options, provided these are within the scope of our technical expertise!