Install Kodi 20.2 on Firestick / Fire TV Cube Quickly for July 2023 (2023)


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This tutorial will show you how to install Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, or Fire TV Television.

This quick method works for all Fire TV versions including the Fire TV Stick (Firestick), Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Televisions. This video will always be relevant because I am showing you how to download the most recent stable release of Kodi.

This video will also allow you to install older versions of Kodi such as 19.5 Matrix and 18.9 Leia.

The Amazon Firestick is the most popular device for running Kodi due to its low price and awesome performance.

Kodi was removed from the Amazon App Store years ago due to the gray area surrounding various addons and builds that provide copyright protected content. This method allows you to quickly install Kodi on any Fire TV system.

Many people will want to install Kodi addons and builds following this tutorial and the TROYPOINT website is the best location to find tutorials on how to do that.


This tutorial will show you how to install Kodi on Firestick with the option of installing any version. Kodi 20.2 (Nexus), Kodi 20.1 (Nexus), Kodi 19.5 (Matrix), and Kodi 18.9 (Leia) are all available for download.

This method will utilize the TROYPOINT Toolbox through the free Downloader app to download Kodi on Firestick.

This Kodi on Firestick video tutorial will always be up-to-date due to the fact that it shows how to download the most recent version of Kodi.

Once Kodi is installed you must get some free Kodi Addons that will allow for accessing movies, tv shows, live channels, sports, and more. Here's our list of the Best Kodi Addons.

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Hey, everyone, this is Troy from

And in this quick video I will show you how to install Kodi on your fire.

Stick Fire, TV, Fire, TV, Cube or Fire TV television.

This is the best method for installing Kodi on a fire stick because you can install any version of Kodi that you would like.


The first thing I'm going to do is hover over find move down click search I want to install the free app called downloader I'm going to type in the first few letters of downloader.

And it will show up in this list.

Now I'm going to click, downloader click, the Big Orange, downloader, icon, click download and the app will now install.

Okay, I'm not going to open it.

Just yet I'm going to go to the home page by clicking the home button on my remote move over I'm going to hover over the gear.

Icon, move down, Click, My, Fire, TV.

And now I want to go into developer options.

Now for some reason you don't see the developer options menu item here in this list go into about highlight, the name of your Fire, TV device and click, the select button on your remote seven times one, two, three, four, five, six, seven as you will see, it says, no need.

You are already a developer.

But for those of you who haven't done this after you do that, it will say that you are now a developer.

And then when you go back to the previous screen, you will see developer options in this list.


Now, I'm going to go into developer options.

Click, install unknown, apps I'm going to highlight downloader.

And we want to turn this on I'm going to click the select button on my remote to turn that on.

Now for those of you on older Fire, TV devices, you're going to just have one toggle here that turns on unknown sources for all the applications on the device just turn that one toggle to the on position, all right now I'm going to go back to the home screen.

All right now I'm going to scroll down to the end of the list here and I want to click this shortcut here to the left of the gear, icon, it's going to take me to the page that displays all of my applications and now I'm going to launch downloader.

You must click the allow button here for this to work click, ok.

Now, I'm going to click the up arrow on my remote that's going to put the cursor in the URL box, click, the select button on my remote.

And now I'm going to type in the code 2 5, 0, 9 3, 1.

hit the Go Button.

This is going to open the Troy Point toolbox that will allow us to download and install any version of Kodi on our fire.

Stick Fire, TV, Fire, TV, Cube or Fire, TV television.


The Troy Point toolbox has loaded.

Now, if, this is your first time visiting this page I strongly suggest marking this as a favorite within the downloader app, this will allow you to come back here in the future and download and install free applications not available, within the Amazon app store to mark this, as a favorite I'm going to hold down on the select button of my remote.

For a few seconds click.

Add current page to favorites you can also move up to the top right corner click the hamburger icon you can do the same thing from that location move down click save all right now you will notice when we move over and click favorites we can access the Troy Point toolbox here in the future without waiting for.


Five, second load.



Now, it's time to install Kodi on this fire.

Stick and again, like I, said, earlier you can install any version of Kodi that you would like as of this recording Kodi, 20 is the stable release whenever a new version of Kodi is available we will add that to this page? Okay, I'm going to move up.


Do want the latest and greatest so I'm going to click download for Kodi, 20.

I'm going to wait for that to finish downloading move down, click, install all right.

Cody has been installed on the fire stick now I'm not going to launch this just yet so I'm going to click done.

And the reason I don't want to launch it just yet I want to delete this installation file, there's, no need to leave this on the device click delete again.

Now, I'm going to go back to the home screen go back to the page that displays all the applications on the device and Kodi is now listed towards the bottom.

Now if you're like me, you will be using Kodi quite a bit on your fire, stick and more than likely you're going to want that available on the home screen of your Fire TV device to make that happen.

Simply highlight the Kodi shortcut, hold down on the select button of the remote for a few seconds.

And now you can use the arrows on your remote to drop this into place I'm going to put this right behind.

My surfshark, VPN, shortcut, click, the select button, and that drops it into place.

Now when I go back to the home screen, it's front and center here on my main row, okay, I'm gonna go ahead and launch Cody to make sure it's working properly, click continue.

And just like with the downloader app.

You must click the allow button.

Whenever you see that pop up click allow again and Cody is now installed on my fire.

Stick guys.

Thank you very much for watching this video.

Please be sure to visit for thousands of tutorials on fire.

Stick Fire, TV and Android TV devices.

You can scan this QR code with the camera app on your phone or tablet.

And that will take you directly to our website, or you can click the link in the video description, please be sure to hit the Thumbs Up Button, subscribe to my channel and click, the Bell icon to be notified when I release new videos like this in the future have an awesome day.

And thanks for following Troy point.


How do I get Kodi on Firestick 2023? ›

Downloading and Installing Kodi

Launch the Downloader app on your Firestick and enter the URL for the official Kodi website ( From the website, select the Android version of Kodi and choose the “ARMV7A (32BIT)” option. The APK file will begin to download.

Which version of Kodi for Fire Cube? ›

Find and download the Android version of Kodi. On the next page, select ARMV7A (32BIT). This is the version that works best on most Fire Sticks.

What is the latest version of Kodi for Firestick? ›

The latest update available on the date is Kodi 20.2 Nexus.
  • Press and hold the Home key on your remote and click Apps on this popup.
  • Open the Downloader app on the Your Apps & Channels window.
  • Click the input box.
  • A popup keypad box will open. For the latest Kodi 20.2 Nexus, enter
Jul 1, 2023

Can you put Kodi on Amazon Cube? ›

You can install Kodi on the Fire TV Cube using one of two methods: Use a program from the app store such as Downloader to install Kodi on your Fire TV directly (THIS METHOD IS RECOMMENDED FOR MOST USERS)

How do I download fully loaded Kodi on Firestick? ›

Download and install Kodi on your Firestick.
  1. Open ES File Explorer. Look for the downloader icon and click on it. After that, select “+New.” It's in the bottom right of the screen. ...
  2. Click “Open file”. Choose “Install” and hit “Install” again when prompted. That's all, Kodi is now installed on your Firestick.
Jul 7, 2023

How do I install Kodi on my brand new 4k Amazon Firestick? ›

How to Install Kodi on FireStick Using AppStarter
  1. click the Apps icon on the FireStick home screen to launch the Downloader app.
  2. Click the Downloader icon.
  3. Click the URL box highlighted in the image below.
  4. Now, a new window will appear. ...
  5. Once the AppStarter is downloaded, click “Install.”
Jul 1, 2023

What is the latest generation of Fire TV Cube? ›

Amazon - Fire TV Cube 3rd Gen Streaming Media Player with 4K Ultra HD Wi-Fi 6E and Alexa Voice Remote - Black. User rating, 4.7 out of 5 stars with 739 reviews.

Is Fire Cube better than Firestick Max? ›

Bottom line. The Fire TV Cube is a unique device that's better in many ways than a Fire TV Stick. While it's more expensive than the top-end Fire TV Stick 4K Max, it also brings a lot of value. It's much more than just a streaming box, combining the power of an Echo speaker with a Fire TV Stick.

How do I update Kodi Fire Cube? ›

How to Update Kodi on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick
  1. Step 1: Install Downloader on Your Fire TV Stick. Begin by accessing your Fire TV Stick's home screen using the Home button on your remote. ...
  2. Step 2: Enable App Sideloading on Your Fire TV Stick. ...
  3. Step 3: Update Kodi on Your Fire TV Stick.
Oct 2, 2022

Which Firestick is best for Kodi? ›

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Amazon Fire TV sticks are incredibly popular with Kodi users. After all, they're cheap, lightweight, and if your preferred streaming service isn't available on Kodi, it likely has an app in the Amazon store. The Fire TV Stick 4K Max is the updated version of the original 4K stick.

Do older versions of Kodi still work? ›

Are old versions of Kodi still supported? Technically, you can use any version of Kodi you like. However, most modern addons won't work on Isengard, Jarvis, or Krypton.

Is Fire Cube 32 or 64 bit? ›

Device Specifications: Fire TV Cube
CPUARM 4xCA73 @ 2.2GHz + ARM 4xCA53 @ 2.0GHz
Application Binary Interface (ABI)32-bit
GPUARM G52 MP8, 800MHz
Memory (RAM)2GB, LPDDR4/x - 4224 MT/s
25 more rows
Nov 19, 2020

How do I install third party apps on Fire TV Cube? ›

Enable "Developer Options" by going to Settings > My Fire TV or Device & Options > About > Click the device name until a message says "You are now a developer." Allow apps to be installed from outside the Appstore by enabling "Apps From Unknown Sources" at Settings > My Fire TV or Device & Options > Developer Options.

Can you sideload apps on Fire TV Cube? ›

You can sideload apps to any Fire TV device, including the Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube, using a downloader app. This method doesn't require any additional equipment, because it uses a downloader app that is freely available from the official Fire TV app store.

How do I install Kodi app? ›

How to install Kodi on Android
  1. Most people can simply search the Google Play Store for Kodi and click Install. ...
  2. The Kodi website lets you download the . ...
  3. Go into your device's settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources.
  4. Locate the file you just downloaded and open it to begin installation.
Mar 3, 2023

How to setup Kodi? ›

Kodi on Android

To set things up, simply enable installs from unknown sources (for Android 10, navigate to Settings > Apps & notifications > Special App Access > Install unknown apps). Browse to the Kodi Download Page using one of the privileged apps and then just download and install the package.

How do I update Kodi on an old Firestick? ›

How to Update Kodi on Your Amazon Fire TV Stick
  1. Step 1: Install Downloader on Your Fire TV Stick. Begin by accessing your Fire TV Stick's home screen using the Home button on your remote. ...
  2. Step 2: Enable App Sideloading on Your Fire TV Stick. ...
  3. Step 3: Update Kodi on Your Fire TV Stick.
Oct 2, 2022

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