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So now I need to work on all of these math problems, I mean to be fair, it looks quite easy.

So let me just grab a pencil of my pencil case and just start with number one.

The first equation, oh, this is easy because I'm going to hand out your math exams.

In just one moment, I just finished grading all your exams.

And the majority of you did excellent.

But there are a few of you that did not do so good.

So I will talk to the people at the end of class, but I'll hand out your exams.

It's, fine, Sophie, it's, fine.

You've done amazing.

You did so well on that exam, you were so prepared, not even an important exam.

I, don't know, why I'm getting so stressed? Okay, I'm going to hand back the papers.

Now class.

Okay, here you go Lizzy.

Here you go promised an excellent job to you, too Emma, you're going to have to see me after class today, because we do need to talk over a few things that you did not understand on your test.

All right here.

You go Dylan.

You did excellent and Sophie here's your test.

Oh my, gosh.


Thank you Miss.


You did perfect as usual.

Uh, are you joking? How did I get 92? Oh, my gosh, there's, only a name it's, not even an a star.

Oh my gosh.

My mom is gonna be so angry at me, wait wait for it against the Harvard Law, because of this grade Miss, You really need to remark this like I'm.

Sure I got an A star like I thought, I would have gotten like at least 98 out of 100, not 92.

I haven't gotten below 95 in math in ages.

You actually did the best in the class.

Well, yeah, obviously there's, no surprise there, but still are you sure you can't remarket? Are you sure I got 92? Are you 100? Sure I I only got an A, yeah, I'm sure, but there's no need to stress.

She did absolutely amazing on this test I mean, I guess I could have done still good, right? I.



The class have I.

He did amazing I mean, I guess, thank you Miss.



Here is my paper.

Just in case, you know, you want to remark it by any chance, and you know, because I'm sure I got an A star like I.

Am sure I got an A star? Okay, I'll check over it.

One more time for you.

Okay? Okay.


Thank you Miss.



Look at page.


Okay, um, is it scary or what? Uh, no? But wait do you know what I'm thinking that looks weird foreign? Please turn to page 59.

We are going to be starting our lesson off there today, um wasn't that the page we were just on with the cringing picture.

Only one girls did I tell you not to sit next to each other last week, um, why'd you say that because I don't really care about math.

So also the teacher doesn't like us.


But she also has like really ugly hair.

So I, don't like her either.

Excuse you I said, uh, I, don't want.

It I'm sorry, go in the back corner of the classroom.


Fine girls.

I said, Separate, Tables in the back, not together.

Green bean.

You said, go to the back Blair.

Not there follow me.

Blair, you get to sit right next to me up here.

Good luck with that.

Okay? Well, you've been disrupting this class, the whole time and I am tired of it.

You know, if you keep this Behavior up, you're gonna be expelled, sit, right here, little Miss, no, you smell like toothpaste.

No, you have coffee bro.

Excuse you I'm about to go, get the principal any second.

Now, if you don't sit down, oh, my God I, love.

The principle, she doesn't have coffee, but she's really cool.

She's really spicy.

She is I confirm.

Okay, you know what I've actually had enough and I don't even know how to deal with you anymore.

So, um, I'm, just gonna call the principal because you've been acting up ever since school started excuse you that's it.

This is the final straw.

Okay, oh my gosh, blue is this all your fault.

You know what girls you've had so many opportunities to act better, but you haven't so that's, it you're probably gonna be expelled by this point when I tell the principal how much stuff you have done, um I, don't think, okay, I really like the principle, though so I don't think she's gonna care.

Yeah, the principal actually likes us.

Well, after I tell the principal, everything you have done in my classroom, I disrupting class breaking school materials, throwing desks, painting inappropriate, images, I think she'll have a very different perspective of you.

Two, uh, I, don't think, no I think she's.

Not actually once I tell her about you I think she's, not gonna like you, absolutely, you know, what YouTube went I'm, sick and tired of this and I'm done I don't, get paid enough for this at all.

Um mom's gonna be so mad.

If we actually get expelled, I know, but like if you think about it, like I know, mom is gonna be like feeling mad, but like every single teacher in the school hates us.

So probably mom would like put us apart in like different schools.

Oh, my God happen.

I know, I, don't know how Mom's gonna react, but it's definitely gonna be really bad.

Yeah, you definitely know how strict Mulan is.

Yeah, we're gonna be sent to boarding school for Natty children, um, I mean, I, don't think she can go that far it's Mom.

She can like that would be like so crazy.

If she does that she doesn't love us, because then that means she doesn't want to live with us.

Oh, my gosh, I have so much work.

Today, I don't know, how I'm gonna be able to handle all this there's so much to do in all these cases to cover an email from the girls school.

What is this Blair and Maria have been sent to the principal's office? And they have been expelled? Are they joking me right now for not being good in class, and they have terrible grades and not obeying their teacher.

I cannot believe the girls would even think about doing this and interrupting my work day are they ridiculous? Oh my gosh.

This I can't, even with them, they said they were doing.

Excellent is this really necessary like we're, not even bad children and I don't even know why we're here you guys are joking right after what I've had from Miss Clyde.

You've been anything, but good children, um, she's.

Lying I, highly doubt that I can't believe I had no idea about any of this that was going on in my school.

This awful Behavior don't.

You mimic me, excuse me, excuse me, oh my god, oh no.

She's here.

Uh, yes.

You can come in you email me about my children.

Uh, yes.

Please take a seat.

Oh they're in for it.

I can't.

Even look at these two.

They disgust me right now.

I've got a long list of stuff that they've done I I don't.

Think, this is a laughing matter.

Girls I'm not laughing.

And this is just one of the examples of how they've been behaving every single math lesson for the past three months, I mean, they might have been behaving like this for the past year for all I know, oh so we're, not allowed to be happy.

Children there's a difference between being happy and distracting the entire class I'm, honestly and shook, yeah, I don't even know how to handle this.

If only you could be more like your older sister, Sophie, a Stars across the board, perfectly behaved.

Students, sit back in your seat.

Belair, right? That's.

It I'm done I'm done you both are expelled, I know, you already said that.

And why do you say like so dramatically I've had enough I've got attitude, oh, my gosh, I.

Am so sorry for the attitude, this is not acceptable I, just hope that they learn.

Their lesson I feel like a boarding school is probably a very good option right about now considering this has been going on for quite some time.

And they clearly don't know how to behave maturely stop giving her ideas, I, definitely agree, they're going to be sent to one of the hardest boarding schools with all my money that I can afford because I am not putting up with this in my house.

Well, I think is a very good idea.

You clearly need to be taught a lesson here.

I agree.

They need to be more like their sister, Sophie, I, agree, she's a perfect role model, I, agree.

All right.

Thank you so much for your time principal, I'm going to take care of these two I'm, sorry, they wasted your time and I apologize for everything.

They have done it's.

Fine girls do not say one word to me go out to the car right now.

I only want to look at either of you they're, a really angry.

Owl I, agree, oh, no phones.

No phones.

No, this is my phone.

I have my backup phone? Okay, Ryan.


Oh, my gosh, I, can't, believe, I, finished all of my math homework and most of my English and literature homework, let me just pick up all of my pens and pencils and put them back into my pencil case and just put my papers and my homework and my textbooks back in my school bag, and then I can leave because the day is finally over this awful stressful day.

Let me just put my bag over my shoulder, collect my things I, don't know where the girls are Lara, Maria, usually meet me upstairs, um, but I mean, I guess they haven't come out yet or something, oh, is that Mum? What is she doing here? Oh, no.

Please don't tell me she heard about my a and I'm in so much trouble.

No no it's.

Okay, oh, hi.



So sorry, about my a I really I, really thought I was gonna get an A star and I I promise.

You I, try my absolute on that test like I, studied so hard and I thought, I did really well, I mean, technically I, couldn't for the teacher.

I still did excellent.

But I'm.


It wasn't.

An a star like I, usually get I'm.

So ashamed of myself.

Oh, my God.

You got only an a we're gonna have to have a talk about this too.

My teacher's gonna get it remark, because she thinks that I may be able to like scratch in a star that's exactly what I like to hear Sophie.

And you want to guess what what your sister did today.

What Maria, but oh is that why you're here you here for Maria and Blair? Oh, phew, I thought you were here from me because of my a anyway.

What did they do? They've been very bad in class, um being rude to the teacher, throwing stuff doing all this terrible stuff.

And they've been expelled from the school.

Oh, wait.

You didn't know about any of that they've been doing that for like a year, no I just knew today.

They told me they were like little perfect angels in class.

This is the funniest thing I've ever heard Blair and Maria.


No, sorry.


You really just don't know them.

Oh, they are far from perfect, maybe that's because I'm so successful in my work, I can't, even pay attention to them.

Yeah, that that's kind of your fault.

Maybe no I didn't say, anything, I didn't say, anything, I, didn't, say, anything, mom, I'm.

Sorry, let's just go in the car, don't say, a word to them and don't put up with their funny business they're in trouble.

Uh, mom.

Do you think that's a bit harsh I kind of have to speak to them like even at school and stuff? Well, I don't think they'll be returning to this school, uh, what's that supposed to mean they are not able to come here anymore.

They don't want them here anymore.

They couldn't spell no way.

You must be few Mick that's.

So funny, I mean, it's not funny.

But yeah, yeah, they're they're, definitely in for it they're going to be going to boarding school that's where they're going, oh, that sucks for them.

It does okay.


Go in the car don't, even look at them.

Oh I.




Am you being with anger with them? Sorry, Sophie, I'm, not with you right now.

I, haven't done anything wrong.



I should do it as we get home.

You are going straight up to your bedrooms, I don't, even want to look at.

You I.

Am scheduling an appointment to go meet at the boarding school tomorrow.

So Blair and Maria.

How was your day at school? It was great sorry, mum I'm.

So sorry, I'll stop I'm.

Not even gonna bring my bag.

What did I say, no talking go up to your rooms, Sophie meet me in the kitchen.

Yes, Mother upstairs.

Right now, I, don't even want to look at you.

Look at me, I'm, beautiful, Russ, I'm, calling your father.

And you do not want to hear from your father, I'm hungry.

Okay, I didn't.

Eat lunch.

We don't have any cases I was supposed to do today.

But you know what I'd come pick you two up from school because you could have behave, um, sorry, Maria.

What did I say I said to go upstairs, that's so funny, you two understand this we'll go on your college record, right? Oh, you won't be getting into an Ivy League school.

Oh, the disappointment used.

Oh that's.

So sad disappointed I.

Am so disappointed I'm talking to you Maria stop with the attitude you're.

The one that got expelled not me say, goodbye, yeah, but Sophia's also has all straight A's in school.

Eight Stars, I've only ever gotten one a and that's a very touchy subject.

We do not need to touch on that today.



I'll give both of you a snack then to your room.

So I am searching the boarding school, I don't even care, actually, you know what you can go upstairs hungry.

No I need to eat I'm just going to look up the school that I want to send them to.

Oh, please.

Let me see the one that is the work like disgusting like so unhygienic, you know, loneliness sadness, oh, this one sounds perfect girls, the hardest and most sturdiest boarding school.

Oh, you have to send to that one.

You just have to mum too good to be here.

This looks perfect.

Look at it.

Oh my gosh.

They almost look like jail cells.

Oh, perfect I know how much you girls have always wanted to go to prison, um, I'm, not going there.

Yeah, we're going to go visit tomorrow.

I'm gonna book an appointment.

Okay, let's make them expelling like the first day.

So it's, fine, um.

Our appointment is booked for both Blair and Maria your regular and backup iPhone and your Mac and your iPad I want all of them right here.

And if I go up and find one in your bedroom, I'm, calling your father, oh, scary, that's so scary, you know what? Okay? Well, I need to go write my college application because I need to get into Harvard Law next year.

So I'm gonna go off and do that right now, um, Good, Luck, mum dealing with.

Uh, oh, my gosh.

How am I even related to them? Honestly, it's tragic.

Okay, now that you have all your candy and all your snacks right into your bedrooms.

You can kiss your friends, your social life and anything you ever had before now goodbye.

Because when you start that boarding school, everything is going to change you're going to come back as new people, I don't.

Think so Annie all right.

Well, here's one of your iMacs I'll, just take that really quick let's unplug that actually you can keep your Mac.

There I'll just take the charger for it.

Um, oh, here's.

Some of your phones here's.

One of your iPads, oh, looks like there's.

An iPad under this Shades I'll.

Take this I'm wasting the battery.

Yeah, you only have that battery for so long, oh, there's, definitely you definitely hit some Electronics.

Mom, yes, Marianne.

What clothes am I even gonna bring to boarding school? Um, it says, you can only bring five outfits.

We won, um I'm, pretty sure it's it.

Now handy both your phones, no I can't.

Do that I can't give you my phone? I want some food you already had food.

You have like 10 pieces of candy all right? Well, um, I'll just snatch that phone off you where's.


Oh there we go got it all right? Got both earphones and I know that Maria keeps her backup phone right over here, all right perfect.

How do you know that because moms know everything all right? Well, if I come back up and electronic, you will be even grounded even more that you already are so far.

So good I, just I, don't know how to write this paragraph how's, everything going, um, it's, going pretty well I just don't really know how to write this one.

Paragraph can you help me out? Oh, yes, of course, following after my footsteps I, love it, yeah, of course, I love the idea of going to law school and just everything about it.

I love it.

Uh, mom is that the TV Maria and Blair.

What on Earth are you doing? Uh, it was Blair's idea.


Do you think you can just do whatever you want? Yes, yeah.

Don't touch.

My remote girls, honestly it just go upstairs and don't bother me as long as you're upstairs.

Just go.

I'm gonna go make dinner I'll call you back down later.



Wait Maria at the TV, um.

How are we gonna fit that through the door and that's, not even like possible? It can go that's heavier than you can't.

Do that you're gonna break it girls? Go upstairs right now and do not take that TV with you go.

Okay, you're.

So mean, I hate you those little brats.

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